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Go NHS Tayside

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Helping NHS patients get to their appointments

The log of Tactran

Attending a hospital appointment can be a stressful event. Go NHS Tayside is a webapp which helps patients using NHS Tayside health services make the travel element of their appointment easier by helping them find and compare all of the transport options available to them.

Go NHS Tayside is an online travel planning application, powered by the Integrated Mobility Partnership, that can be used by patients to get to NHS Tayside health centres, hospitals and clinics. The Go NHS Tayside webapp is a WCAG 2.1AA accessible web interface helping patients uncover all of the transport options available for their specific appointment, compare prices, departure times.

A promotional image of the Go NHS Tayside service showing the homepage of the website on a laptop, and the Go NHS Tayside logo

The website address for the service appears in all appointment letters issued to patients. The user experience was designed to make it easy to copy the appointment details from the letter into the Go NHS Tayside homepage. All journey planning searches are then based on available travel options that will get the user to their appointment on time.

Go NHS Tayside is part of the Integrated Mobility Partnership and so benefits from the usual technical integrations and system connections for travel by rail, bus, local Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), car club, driving, bike hire, taxi, cycling and walking routes.

However, unique to Go NHS Tayside, Community Transport options are also presented to users where available.

Go NHS Tayside was initially piloted by 400 patients attending the Urology Department of Perth Royal Infirmary and was then extended to 28 other NHS Tayside facilities across the NHS Tayside region.

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