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Expanding into the SEStran region

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The logo of SESTRAN

Supporting the development of Journey Hubs, DRT and connecting transport in rural areas

A map of Scotland with the Tactran region shaded in blue, and the SESTRAN region shaded in green

SEStran’s pilot project to deliver a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) travel app to East Lothian and beyond to the rest of the region was launched in August 2022. The GoSEStran pilot built on the success and technical work of the Tactran ENABLE project and thus aimed to explore how Regional Transport Partnerships could collaborate and share their efforts in developing and exploiting the benefits of Mobility as a Service together.

The GoSEStran app enables residents and visitors to plan, book and pay for journeys on different transport modes. GoSEStran is part of the Integrated Mobility Partnership and so benefits from the technical integrations and system connections for travel by rail, bus, local Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), EV charging, car club, driving, bike hire, taxi, cycling and walking routes.

A promotional image of the GoSESTRAN app

Journey Hubs, an emerging concept in community infrastructure that provide a consolidated point of access and connection to a wide variety of transport options, were a key focus of the GoSEStran app. The GoSEStran app provides the digital layer for new physical journey hubs and park&ride sites in East Lothian promoting their location and facilities as well as real time public transport departure information to users helping them plan journeys which make use of the physical interchanges.

Go SEStran was launched to tie in with modes of transport available in the pilot East Lothian area. As part of the Integrated Mobility Partnership, the app already has transport coverage in other parts of south east Scotland. SEStran is in talks with other council areas to expand its usability as far as possible.

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